Monday, June 4, 2012


The Trinity Irish Dancers have traveled the world over, but feel strongly that we have found our country in Japan, a place we belong.  It would appear that Trinity understands Japan on the same deep level that Japan understands Trinity.  It is a mutual love affair that started in 2004 when Trinity first set foot in this incredible country.  Like the Japanese society, Trinity is about honesty, integrity, innovation, humility and strength.  Together, we share these common characteristics.  
Trinity has evolved over a 30 year journey as a big happy accident.  We never wanted this beautiful art form to simply entertain, for us, it has always needed to matter as well. Our long journey has lead us to an upcoming tour kicking off on July 1, 2012 and we could not be more honored to share our unique gifts once again with the Japanese people. 
We are thrilled to be sharing this tour with Different Drums of Ireland, a group of artists that closely mirror Trinity’s expression of passion, respect and truth.  With them, and at every performance, we will make a memory that will stay with us forever!
God Bless all of you,

Mark Howard | Founder/Artistic Director
Ellen G. Waller | Associate Artistic Director 
Carly Haslee | Rehearsal Director
and the Trinity Irish Dancers

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