Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Show #1 Recap

Hello all! We are about to leave for our outreach day in Motomiya and could not be more excited to spend the day with families impacted by the tsunami.  Colleen, Maggie, and Tyler are staying behind to perform on a national television show.

We had our first show yesterday at 1:00 pm for a group of students.  Needless to say, it was unlike any other Japanese crowd we have ever danced in front of.  The curtain opened for Out of the Woods, and we heard gasps from the crowd which turned into cheers.  When Tyler came out for his first slot in Step About, the crowd fell in love with him {he's also never jumped higher in his life}. The buzz continued throughout the rest of the show and straight into the lobby.  The groups of students were extremely energetic and could not get enough pictures with the dancers and the band.  Mark was even swarmed for pictures.

The bus just pulled up....and we're off!!

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